August 13, 2022

Carmel City Center Engagement with Ali and Kyle

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The last rays of sunlight were catching droplets of water flowing from the cascading pools of the fountain. Kyle and Ali stood n front of the fountain, a slight mist from the falling water dampening their clothes. They hugged and kissed, oblivious to the rest of the world. This was just one of the fantastic moments from Ali and Kyle’s Carmel City Center engagement session last fall. This shoot was so much fun to capture.

Did you love this Carmel City Center engagement session?

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Firstly, check out this wonderful engagement shoot with Sara and Joe! Ali is Joe’s sister, and after Sara and Joe had their engagement shoot done by our team they decided they wanted to gift an engagement session to Ali and Kyle. We were so touched by this sentiment! Jenn captured Sara and Joe’s engagement session and it’s full of vibrant greens from their Sara’s family’s property. It is gorgeous. Unfortunately Jenn couldn’t capture Ali and Kyle’s shoot, because she went into labor two days before the shoot.

Also, check out this endearing engagement shoot with MacKenzie and Austin! This shoot also took place in Carmel but a little further east in the Village of West Clay. The Village of West Clay is a charming little community with a lot of shoppes and restaurants at the center. These cute buildings make for beautiful little backdrops for photos.

Lastly, check out this charming engagement session with Allison and David! These two met us at Eagle Creek Park for their shoot. We just love hiking around that park and around the reservoir for shoots. The light reflecting off the surface of the reservoir around sunset is just gorgeous. Plus, up in the woods the light shining through the leaves of the trees is beautiful too.

If you loved the photos in this blog post, then consider visiting Carmel City Center! It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking to do some shopping or if you’re looking for a cute restaurant to visit on date night. Plus, as you can tell from this shoot, it’s very picturesque.

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