September 5, 2019

Australian Wedding Celebrant Podcast Guest Josh Withers

Josh Withers, Australian Wedding Celebrant and podcast guest, officiates a wedding in Australia in front of brown mountains
PC: Heart and Colour Photographers and the Elopement Collective

It has been a while since we shared anything about our wedding podcast, Wedded! We are still making episodes, but we just don’t want to clog up the blog with posts about it. We are making a special exception this week. Why? Because we are sharing a special guest episode. Australian wedding celebrant Josh Withers was a podcast guest on Wedded! Josh is such an amazing human being and an inspiration to us both. Also, he is super funny. So, he was a great guest for an episode of Wedded! We talked with Josh about making your wedding ceremony a celebration of who you are. Also, we talked about making sure you get married your way.

If you’re struggling as you plan your wedding. Or if you feel like your wedding ceremony and reception is just adhering to traditions and not really celebrating you. Then this is a great episode for you to hear! Josh wants you to have the best wedding possible and he wants your friends and family to accept and support you. He is super inspirational and has challenged a lot of the thoughts and opinions I have about weddings. Jenn and I cannot wait for you to hear this.

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Find more about Josh!

If you loved Josh and want to hire him to be your marriage celebrant in Australia, then check out his company Married by Josh! If you want to plan an awesome elopement, then hire Josh and his wife Brit through their company The Elopement Collective! Josh travels all over the world to marry people! If you want more awesome insights about weddings, then check out Josh’s podcast and youtube channel. The Rebel’s Guide to Getting Married is the name of his show! And finally, if you’re a wedding celebrant who wants to learn more about your craft, then check The Celebrant Institute by Josh Withers and Sarah Aird.

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