January 15, 2019

Indiana Wedding Planner Podcast Guest Jillian Zilch on Wedded

Jillian Zilch of frame worthy events in the woods for wedded Indiana wedding planner

I know we said we were not going to post to the blog super often about our podcast, Wedded. We are super excited though that we have our first guest on the podcast! We had Jillian Zilch of Frame Worthy Events on the Wedded podcast to talk talk about being an Indiana wedding planner and share about why even wedding planners need wedding planners. Not everyone wants or needs a wedding planner. We still want to encourage all of our readers to give this a listen. Jillian has some really great insight into the industry and also some crazy stories.

Did you love this episode of the Wedded podcast with Indiana wedding planner Jillian Zilch?

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Firstly, check out this awesome post we put up when we first launched the Wedded podcast! We are so excited about this podcast! Why? Because we love helping out couples that are getting married! This podcast is all about helping people getting married. We want to take the stress off the whole process. It is more or less a comedy podcast, so do not expect it to be too serious. We are trying to make this whole thing a lot more fun. It should be fun.

Also, check out this funny podcast guest spot we did for the Secret Life of Weddings podcast! The Secret Life of Weddings is all about making people laugh. So, as you can probably guess, we love it. Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer bring horrors stories to you every week and make jokes about them. And one week, Jenn and I were able to join the two of them! There was a lot of laughter. This podcast helps us to destress.

Lastly, check out this educational guest spot we did on the Wedding Photo Podcast! This is my friend Ulices’s podcast. I have been on quite a few times to talk about photography. Jenn and I have only ever been on the podcast together once though. Jenn is amazing on this episode… Even if she had to take a few breaks from the talk to try to soothe Nora. We tried to time things so that Nora would be asleep while recording. But at this point in our life it felt like Nora was trying to foil all of our plans.

Want more Jillian?

If you loved the episode with Jillian, then check out her company! Frame Worthy Events is a great wedding planning company! We are so lucky that we have had the opportunity to work with Jillian and her team multiple times!

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