April 17, 2019

Podcast Special Guests on the Secret Life of Weddings

So this is super cool! We were recently asked to do a guest spot on one of our favorite podcasts! The episode just came out, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you! Steve and I got to sit in and comment on wedding horror stories with Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer of the Secret Life of Weddings podcast! We were their podcast special guests! We shared some stories from our own life and weddings… and Steve shared the bizarre store of a woman who claimed to only be winter engaged. Which you have to hear to believe.

You can listen to the episode below:

If you like what you hear in this episode, be sure to check out the Secret Life of Weddings website. You can find merchandise there and stay up to date on everything they have going on. Also, we find it’s a great way to destress. As you listen to the horrible stories other brides and wedding vendors share, you can rest assured that your wedding at least won’t have anything happen that bad. But, if it does you can submit the story to Lisa and Rebecca. That way the rest of the world have a laugh and commiserate with you.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the Secret Life of Weddings in your favorite podcast player so you don’t miss an episode. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Or if you really want to bump it up a level, subscribe on my favorite podcast player, Overcast.

Did you love hearing Jenn and Me as Podcast Special Guests?

If you loved hearing us guest on a podcast, then check out this out. We’ve done it before! We were guest on the Wedding Photo Podcast! Also, Jenn’s been a guest on Steve’s podcast Wedding Photo Hangover several times.

We also host our own podcast all about helping you laugh through the stages of planning a wedding. We make a podcast called Wedded! You can find it where ever you get podcasts! We’ve mentioned it before on the blog too.

Our big thing is we want you to smile and laugh. Wedding planning is stressful. We make these podcasts and do these guest appearances to give people getting married, and people working in the wedding industry, a place to decompress.

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