April 12, 2019

Bizarre Wedding Photography Podcast guest spot with WPH

selfie of two people in san francisco for a bizarre wedding photography podcast

Jenn had the crazy experience of once again being a guest on the most bizarre wedding photography podcast (but also the best photography podcast), the Wedding Photo Hangover. This is a comedy podcast and basically everything said on it is intended to be a joke… Though in my case not always a good one. Jenn’s jokes were all good though. This week we tackle the extremely weird subject a photographer brought up on facebook. That subject was whether or not it is okay to accept a threesome as payment for a family photography shoot. The answer is of course. That is prostitution. That’s just one minor part of the episode. Most of the episode is more educational in nature.

We also talked in this episode about beer that was made to develop film. That is really cool, but also sounds like something a human should not drink. Brides who claim a photographer left them high and dry… but the photographer had a much different version of the story. And we also talk about a couple that had to wait 50 years to see their wedding photos. We would never do that to anyone, but then again, I assume this photographer did not think they would ever lose a roll of film either.

If you want to see the full show notes for this episode, just head on over to the Wedding Photo Hangover site.

Did you love hearing Jenn on the most bizarre wedding photography podcast?

If so, then check out some of her other podcast appearances!

Firstly, you should really check out the podcast Wedded! Jenn and I record Wedded together. It is a weekly discussion focused on helping people get married and stay married. So it is not all wedding planning. It is also a comedy podcast, but it is a little more tame than WPH. Some might say it is a bit more palatable and family friendly. If you want to send any topics in to Wedded, then go to the website at weddedpod.com. You can also find Wedded on our hosting site Anchor or on Apple Podcasts or anywhere that you go to listen to podcasts!

Also, check out the last time Jenn was on Wedding Photo Hangover! In that episode we answered a bunch of questions from listeners. We also answered quite a few questions from random people on facebook too. Those random facebook questions are always a treat.

Lastly, right after we recorded this episode, we recorded an episode of the Secret Life of Weddings with Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer. That podcast is all about crazy stories about weddings. We do not have a ton of crazy stories, so we mostly sat back and just discussed the weird stories Lisa and Rebecca had found. It was a lot of fun.

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