September 21, 2019

Boldly Chic Podcast guests on Wedded

Jenn and I are so excited to share this episode we recorded of Wedded! We had Lori Solomon and Megan Painter of Boldly Chic Events on our podcast to talk about planning a timeless wedding, linens, installations, and florals. We also talk a lot about ways to make your wedding have a bigger impact in this episode and where to put your money to get the most impact if your budget is limited.

If you loved this episode with Lori and Megan, then consider checking out their company, Boldly Chic Events. We’ve shot a lot of weddings with Boldly Chic Events and we love working with them. They’re not just great podcast guests, they’re also great wedding planners.

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We had Josh Withers of the Rebel’s Guide to Getting Married on Wedded to talk about the importance of having a wedding celebrant. We had Andi Sherman of Something Blue Stylists on to talk about wedding day make up. We also had Jillian Zilch of Frame Worthy Events on to talk about wedding planning.

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