November 4, 2019

IMA Engagement Session with Emily and David

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A large rock sat on the ground under a canopy of tree leaves. The underbrush had been cleared out and grass had been planted, causing a quasi clearing in the grounds at Newfields. Emily and David sat on the rock with the sun setting behind. The sun’s rays cut through the trees and leaves, illuminating Emily and David and the rock, but not much else. Sitting in the light, they looked at each other and talked and laughed. There were so many great moments like this during their engagement session at the IMA. I had so much fun capturing all of them!

Did you love this IMA engagement session?

If you loved this Newfields engagement session, then check out some of our other recent shoots!

Firstly, check out this amazing engagement session with Emily and Ryan at Eagle Creek Park! I captured these two just a few days before Emily and David (different Emily of course). The light at the end of the September in Indianapolis is just gorgeous. I don’t know of a better time of year to shoot. It is like every photo is gorgeous without any effort. These two shoots were both in Indy and both about an hour before sunset. They are some of my favorite from this year.

Also, check out these adorable engagement photos with with Alli and James at Newfields! Alli and James were wonderful! We had so much fun walking through the gardens at Newfields and the IMA and just taking photos whenever we found great light. Have we mentioned that the Indianapolis Museum of Art and Newfields is one of our favorite places to shoot in all of Indy? Because it is. The grounds are gorgeous and the light near sunset is amazing.

Lastly, check out this lovely engagement session with Jennifer and Mason at Daniel’s Winery! Much like the engagement session above, this is some of Steve’s work. It is over on his other site Redwood Lane. Jennifer and Mason’s engagement session is beautiful and has a lot of the same vibes as this engagement session. Just another young couple in love.

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