January 22, 2021

Indy Reservoir Engagement with Allie and Jake

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The sun was waning as it slid down the sky and over the Eagle Creek Reservoir. Light reflected up off the placid surface of the water, creating a beautiful glow in the air. Allie and Jake stood on a bluff overlooking the water. They turned toward one another and hugged. This was just one of the many lovely moments from this charming Indy Reservoir engagement session with Allie and Jake!

I had so much fun getting meet these two and spend an afternoon hiking around Eagle Creek Reservoir with them. One thing I’m beginning to realize while wearing a mask and hiking around at these engagement sessions is I sweat a lot while shooting. Like, at end of some of these summer engagement sessions my mask would be holding a lot of liquid. While it is a little gross, it’s a great reminder at these engagement sessions to slow down. Sometimes I want to move from spot to spot to spot and I don’t think about how wild I’m probably starting to look or how heavy I start to breath. In the future, I want to take it easy and have engagement shoots that are a little more relaxed and a little less sweaty.

Did you love this Indy Reservoir engagement session?

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Also, check out this wonderful engagement session with Emily and Ryan at Eagle Creek Park. With Emily and Ryan I shot at another location in the park. It’s amazing how many beautiful spots there are in this park. It’s one of my favorite places to shoot in Indy.

Lastly, check out this sweet engagement session with Chrissy and Kris at Eagle Creek Park. This back before I started using Redwood Lane to do more commercial work.

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