February 1, 2019

Noblesville Family Photography with the Thomas Family

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There was a break in the dense foliage surrounding the Thomas house. A few leaves were scattered across the ground, breaking through the small gaps in the green grass. It was autumn and there was a chill in the air. The majority of leaves still clung to the branches of the surrounding trees though, retaining their verdant coloring in spite of the changing season. In the clearing, the Thomas family walked hand in hand through the grass during their Noblesville family photography session.

There were so many adorable moments during this shoot! The boys were so much fun, and it was great to see so much of their personalities really shining through during the shoot. This shoot was dreamlike. I adore the fall apparel, sweaters and flannels and jeans. These moments are precious and fleeting. So, getting to capture them for friends means a lot to me as I know they’ll be looking back on these photos with love for the rest of their lives. Okay, I’m getting a little emotional so I’ll stop writing so everyone can just get to the pictures.

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Though this shoot was captured on private property, there are so many interesting and unique public places in the Noblesville area. Steve and I love living here and raising our family here. If you love any of the photos on this site from Noblesville, be sure to check the community out and maybe plan to visit or move to our area.

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