August 14, 2019

Robey Engagement Photos with Kathleen and Rashad

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The wind blew a little harder at the top of the Robey. It lifted Kathleen’s hair and tossed it about. Rashad hugged her and they both smiled and looked out at the Chicago skyline in the distance. A few dark clouds hung low over the city and as it began to rain, it looked like half the skyline disappeared in the haze. I had so much fun shooting in and around Wicker Park in Chicago with Kathleen and Rashad! I cannot wait to shoot their wedding! Scroll down to see all of their beautiful Robey engagement photos!

Did you love these Robey engagement photos?

If so, then check out these other shoots we did recently!

Firstly, check out this amazing engagement session at none other than the Robey with Lily and Zack! This couple also had engagement photos done in Wicker Park in Chicago! They introduced me to the Robey and I keep going back every time I am in Chicago. It is one of my favorite places. The view from the bar at the top of the Robey is amazing. It’s one of my favorite views of the Chicago skyline. They also introduced me to Small Cheval which is one of the best burger joints! Also, a place I visit every time I am in Chicago.

Also, check out this adorable engagement session with Adriana and Luke in New York! We did their entire shoot on top of a building in a garden. It was amazing. Plus, much like how in this shoot we had the Chicago skyline as a backdrop, in Adriana and Luke’s shoot we had the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. I think doing photo shoots on top of buildings in big cities might be my favorite thing to shoot!

Next, check out this sweet engagement shoot Steve did in downtown Chicago! They went from the lakeshore to the iconic Chicago sign downtown and then out to the Heritage General Store.

Lastly, check out this incredible engagement shoot with Grant and Amanda in Chicago! This shoot took place in and around the Heritage General Store, which is an awesome coffee shop and bicycle shop. I loved shooting here! It is such an amazing gem in Chicago and the coffee is very good! Steve loved the photos so much that he took one of his couples there (and I don’t blame him… it’s linked above).

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