July 19, 2021

Sand Creek Engagement with Shanelle and Phil

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The leaves were slowly changing from their vibrant greens to their more mellow oranges and yellows. It was autumn in northern Indiana and while some of the leaves had yet to change, some of the orange and yellow leaves already lay scattered upon the ground. Amidst the lovely fall foliage Shanelle and Phil stood hugging in their jackets. Smiles on their face and warmth emanating from their hearts. We just loved this gorgeous Sand Creek Engagement. We’re so glad we were able to make the trip up north to capture these photos of Shanelle and Phil at the Sand Creek Country Club.

In just a few weeks these two will be getting married at Sand Creek Country Club and we can’t wait to return in the summer months and take more photos. We just loved how absolutely gorgeous this place was in the crisp autumn air last year and we can’t wait to see how it’ll look in the summer months. Plus, Shanelle and Phil were so much fun to capture during their engagement session that we can’t wait to do even more photos with the two of them.

Did you love this Sand Creek Engagement?

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