June 19, 2021

Lincoln Park Engagement with Anna & Tyler

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Geese and ducks swam in the water, sending ripples across the harbor. In the background, monolithic buildings of stone and steel stuck up into the sky. Anna and Tyler stood in the grass, looking at each other and smiling. This Lincoln Park engagement session was one of my favorite shoots last year.

One of my favorite thing from this engagement shoot was that Anna and Tyler had sent out PBRs to all of the people in their wedding party, with instructions that they had to chug the PBR to accept the invitation. So their friends who were driving us around to different areas in Chicago for this shoot brought two PBRs for them to chug. So at the end of the shoot, as we were wrapping things up, Anna and Tyler were surprised with beers in the park. It was hilarious and fun. We recently captured Anna and Tyler’s wedding back in Indianapolis, and that will be up on the blog soon.

Did you love this Lincoln Park engagement shoot?

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