July 15, 2021

Personalized Wine Decanter Gift from Groovy Girl Gifts


We wanted to take a second to talk about this awesome personalized wine decanter we received recently. I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about Christmas shopping for most people, but we found this and a lot of other gifts on this awesome gift list that Groovy Girl Gifts made. The gifts on this list are awesome. They have kitty cat measuring cups, which our daughter thought were the coolest thing in the world. They have an Instax Mini 11, which we see all the time at weddings now next to tables full of costumes and gorgeous backdrops. They even had a nintendo ring device for the Nintendo Switch that our son thought looked awesome.

But anyway, a bit more about this awesome wine decanter. It’s a glass decanter with a wooden ball that you place on top. The ball is emblazoned with a V for Van Elk, though you can have it personalized any way you want. The decanter also came with 4 wine glasses. They’re the kind that don’t have a stem, so they’re easier to hold and less likely to spill. Which, when you have a glass of wine while trying to make dinner for yourself and several kids, having a glass that’s less likely to spill is a must.

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