March 19, 2021

Wedding Party Gifts from Groovy Girl Gifts

We’ve been using a new site recently to find great gifts for the girls in our life and we think it’d be great for your wedding party gifts. Specifically, Groovy Girl Gifts. This site is related to Groovy Guy Gifts, which we’ve written about before. Like Groovy Guy Gifts, Groovy Girl Gifts is full of awesome gifts you can buy for your friends. And they also have a bunch of gifts that you can customize and personalize.

The gift that caught our eye was the Everyday Tote. Jenn had been looking for a bag to carry her laptop in for a while now. We have some laptop cases, but they’re more like padded rectangles. Padded rectangles that are awkward to lug around from place to place and clearly point out to everyone who sees you that you’re carrying your computer with you. Jenn wanted something a little more discreet and a lot more fashionable.

The Everyday Tote is a nice cloth bag with lots of pockets that you can use to store various other objects. It fits a 13″ laptop nicely and you could throw two iPads in it pretty comfortably. It has a lot of zippered pockets for storing items. There’s one pocket that seems more fashionable than functional, but we could see throwing some non-valuable items in it like chapstick.

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