November 22, 2020

Christmas Gifts for Your Significant Other

As we approach Black Friday and the frantic Christmas shopping season here in America, we’ve been thinking a lot about what sorts of gifts we want to get one another. While Jenn and I both have Amazon wish lists that we share with each other, it’s also nice to get a personalized gift. Something that feels a little more special because of the unique flair you choose to put on it. This year, as we head into Christmas, I wanted to draw attention to a great blog post full of gifts you might buy for your significant other. In fact, Jenn has actually gotten me several of the gifts listed in the blog post and I use them all the time.

Portable cloth cooler with several beers inside and one beer outside combat cooler from groovy guy gifts

We’ve actually written about a few of these gifts before that are listed in the blog post linked above. Jenn got me a cloth cooler called a Combat Cooler at one point which I take with me any time we go tailgating before a soccer game or when we go on family picnics (it can fit punch boxes for the kids too, it’s not just for beer. She also got me a personalized duffel bag called The Traveling Man which I use every week when I take our daughter to the YMCA for swimming lessons (she’s not quite ready to do the butterfly yet, but she can doggy paddle like a champion).

This year Jenn got me a personalized whiskey decanter called the Gentlemans Decanter, which as you might guess has been used a lot more this year than I’d like. 2020 hasn’t been a great year. I know you’re all there with me. I’m not saying to drink away your anxiety, but I am saying I may have made a few more old fashioneds this year than I normally would.

All of those gifts Jenn has got me over the years have been great. I wholly recommend them. But we’d love to hear more about what you’re planning to buy your significant others this year. No matter what it is. We’re all really looking forward to celebrating each other and celebrating life and love this Christmas, so drop a comment below and let us know what you’re thinking about (we promise we won’t tell your SO).

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