July 20, 2021

Coxhall Gardens Engagement with Sophia and Bryce

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The light of the setting sun filled the sky with oranges and yellows and blues. The color faded from one end of the spectrum to the other making dusk seem magical and full of wonder. The pond at the park lay still and peaceful, like mirror reflecting the beauty of the sunset up above. In front of the pond, the silhouetted shapes of Sophia and Bryce danced slowly by the water. Rocking back and forth and spinning and dipping. This was such a wonderful from this Coxhall Gardens engagement session!

Sophia and Bryce were so much fun to capture. They brought their adorable dog with them for a few shots and then hiked with me all across the park chasing the light from the setting sun. This shoot turned out so magical as a result of their willingness to just walk around see what kind of beautiful settings we could find in the park. I cannot wait to capture their wedding.

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