September 30, 2018

Three Time Podcast Guest on the Wedding Photo Hangover podcast


PC: Megan Renee Thompson

Back at it again! This time I’m back on the Wedding Photo Hangover podcast because Dustin was unable to make it! This episode was so much fun to record because it was just Steve and I talking about wedding photography and running a business! I love Dustin, but it’s nice to just be able to talk to my husband. Which, gives me a new idea… I think Steve and I are going to put out our very own podcast! Why? Because as much as I love being a three time podcast guest on Steve’s show, I’d rather create something of my own (but still with Steve)! We’re going to be talking about wedding planning and building a successful relationship that’ll last. I think I can say this now, because we’ve already done the branding and legal stuff, but the show will be called Wedded!

Anyway, enough gabbing about our future plans before we even have one episode out! If you want to get a good idea of what a podcast with Steve and me will be like, then hit play on the embedded player above! In this episode we’re talking about how you can break out of a creative rut! We make a lot of jokes and have a lot fun. Don’t worry though, I made sure Steve actually helped give some good photography tips too! If you want to read the full show notes for the episode, just pop on over to the Wedding Photo Hangover site!

Did you love hearing this three time podcast guest on the Wedding Photo Hangover podcast?

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UPDATE 12/17/2018: Steve and I have launched our own podcast all about wedding planning and having a healthy relationship! It’s called Wedded! We’re putting out a bunch of episodes this week! Then we hope to fall into a weekly or bi-weekly schedule! So follow the link or find us on your favorite podcast player and subscribe!

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