March 5, 2021

Farmland Family Photography with the De La Vega Family

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The swing swayed gently back and forth on the front porch. The swing made a rhythmic creaking noise as it moved. On the swing, the De La Vegas sat with their daughters, reading books as the sun set. This was just one of the amazing moments from the lifestyle shoot we did with the De La Vega family. Their Farmland family photography session was so much fun to capture and it looked so beautiful at their house with the sun setting across the field to the west of them. This was a good mix of lifestyle family photography (documentary family photography) and a few posed photos. It was a joy to capture.

Did you love this Farmland family photography session?

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Firstly, check out the last family photo session we did with the De La Vega family! This was before they had two kids. Both sessions were shot in and around their house and it’s been so neat to see all the cute changes they’ve made in the intervening time. Plus, I love seeing how grown up their first daughter is now. She was just a baby the first time I did photos with them and now she’s running around playing in her little kitchen and having a blast. That age is just so sweet.

Also, check out this family photo session with the Carrera family. This couple is a past bride and groom of ours. We had so much fun catching up with them and getting some photos of their new baby. This fall family photo session was so much fun.

Lastly, check out this family photo session with the Driscolls. They have two adorable little girls who had so much fun playing at in the sunflowers at Tuttle Orchards. Tuttle is one of our favorite places to do family photos in the Indianapolis area. They have sunflowers and apple trees and pumpkins. They do seasonal events. It’s really a great place to visit with the kids even if you aren’t planning to do any photos. We loved these photos so much that we went back a week later to do photos with our kids.

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