May 25, 2022

Personalized Cutting Board Gift for Newlyweds

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If you love receiving personalized gifts or giving them, we have been on the search for some great options for couples. The first thing we will be reviewing is a personalized cheese board from Groovy Guy Gifts. Steven and I go through cutting boards faster than anything else when cooking. Although I like to only keep the kitchen minimalist, cutting boards are one thing I cannot have enough of in my cabinets.

We were pleasantly surprised by the sturdiness and quality of this piece. The wood is solid and has a nice smooth finish. My only complaint is that the handle is a bit small for both of our hands but since the wood is lighter it’s functional. There are several other options for bigger cutting boards with longer handles from Groovy Guy Gifts if that’s a concern for you.

Aesthetics are just as important to me as quality. I want something that works well and looks good. Since there are so many cutting board options, we were able to choose one that fits our style. We decided to keep it simple with just our last name, which created a small and tasteful display piece on our counter when the cutting board isn’t in use.

We are huge fans of charcuterie and as most people know, you can’t just have cheese and crackers on a plate, it has to look good. It’s part of the experience. Steven and I have been using this for our late-night home dates. Filling it with tasty cheeses, dried meats, and fig jam. The size is perfect for two.

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