August 4, 2019

Wedding Day Timeline Podcast on Wedding Photo Hangover

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Steve had to rope Jenn in for another episode of his podcast, which is the best photography podcast out there. This time Steve and Jenn get a bit experimental. They record an entire episode on the way home from a wedding that they just shot. Steve was the primary shooter at the wedding and Jenn was his secondary. So, since Jenn is much more experienced they use this opportunity to kind of review how the day went. Jenn refuses to grade Steve on his performance at the wedding, but this podcast episode does delve into the typical wedding day timeline.

They also talk about music you can listen to on the way to a wedding. Steve claims they listen to Lizzo. Jenn claims they do not listen to music because it is too nerve wracking. So they talk about music that can pump you up for other events instead. If you like music and you are looking for some new pump up jams for the weddings you are shooting, then this is a great listen.

If you want to see full show notes for this episode, just head on over to the Wedding Photo Hangover site!

Did you love hearing Jenn talk about the wedding day timeline on this podcast episode?

If you loved hearing Jenn and Steve talk, then you might want to check out some of their episodes.

Firstly, you should definitely check out their podcast, Wedded! You can listen on their hosting site, Anchor. You can also find it on all the major podcast platforms. But, perhaps the best place to find it is on Apple Podcasts. If you have a topic you want them to talk about with regard to your wedding, visit

Also, check out Jenn’s last appearance on the Wedding Photo hangover podcast. Jenn was on the podcast a few months ago to talk about some ridiculous stuff. Like apparently some photographers were wondering if it was okay to accept a threesome as payment for a wedding. It is not. We make some jokes about it though, as if it were okay. It is not though. This is a comedy podcast and it is funny to us to make jokes that are just a little bit off.

Lastly, check out Jenn and Steve’s appearance on the Secret Life of Weddings podcast. Jenn and Steve join Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer to discuss some crazy wedding stories. Lisa and Rebecca bring the heat every week with a lot of amazingly ridiculous stories, and we are so glad we were able to take part in an episode.

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